Taverham Cladding

Posted 06/02/2018 : By: Ngpm Builders

This chalet style property in Taverham was in much need of some TLC, and our cladding experts did just that.

Cladding can often be all it takes to achieve a brand new look for a property. This was certainly the case with this project. 

Our customer chose their ideal colour, size and finish based on our wide range of options. In this instance, they chose a muted blue shade that was tasteful yet still eye-catching. The placement of the cladding is clean and bold, making the building's exterior feel thoroughly modern. We will always endeavour to match our customers' requirements as closely as possible. 

Although typically permission from your local council is not necessary for painting or repairing the exterior of your house, some areas do govern what you can do with cladding. If you are thinking about cladding your home, we'd highly recommend you contact one of our experts to talk you through the options.

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